Hey Food Lover, we are just like you and this is the reason that made us connect to you. Sharing is caring. So we will do our best to bring you the max cuisines around the city. We just want you to enjoy!

We have engaged ourselves in bringing you the best possible experience in ordering your favorite food through our website and app. Formerly known as your favorite Tummy Yummi is now FodBytes.

Our Company:

Ali Mohammed Al Mahri For Electronic Marketing Est.

Our Address:

9/Floor, Off No. 81, Balahmar Plaza, Entrance 1 (Near Court), Banajah Road – Al Balad, Jeddah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Reach us : 

Phone: +966 12 6494100
Email: support@foodbytes.net

Operating under :

CR No.: 4030296834


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